About UV

Angle Adjustable Visor
You may have experienced annoying sunlight even though you wear caps or sunglasses. The adjustable feature of the visor allows the user to adjust it up or down as needed. As the result, you can truly feel the ambience of sports games or other out door activities.

What is Polycarbonate Film…?
Polycarbonate film is a newly developed film that blocks detrimental blue and ultra violet rays up to UVB: 99% (290-320nm) / UVA2: 99% (320-340nm) / UVA1: 97% (340-400nm). The quality has been tested and tried by Uni Search University in Australia, and the Korea Merchandised Testing & Research Institute. Controlled glare means improved vision, reduced eyestrain and lower occurrences of headache. ‘SOVIS’ is totally different from any other existing caps or sunglasses and it provides a clearer and wider view.

What is Aqua-Trans…?
Aqua-Trans rapidly absorbs moisture from your skin and transpires it to the outside within seconds, leaving your skin dry and fresh even during active exercise.
Aqua-Trans keeps you cool and fresh in the summer while keeping you warm and comfortable in the winter.

The ultimate challenge-Zero percent UV ray penetration
‘SOVIS’ has patent registration in over 80 countries worldwide. Our new polycarbonate film is key component of this unique visor. It eliminates over 99% of ultraviolet rays. It protects you from these hazardous ultraviolet rays and other types of radiation that can cause eye trouble. Our new product ‘SOVIS’ surpasses others in material and function and its adjustable angle, can protect the user’s whole face from harmful UV rays.